New Parent Meet-up

(on-going) at Tourmaline Birth and Wellness

I’ll be hosting a bi-weekly meeting for new parents. These meetings are an opportunity to come together as a community and share your experiences.
Whether you’re looking to celebrate your wins, discuss your challenges, or simply connect with other families who are in the same season of life, these meetings are for you!. 
Won’t you join us?

Meeting Dates – June: 12 & 26. July: 10 & 24. Aug: 7 & 21. Sept: 4 & 18. Oct: 2, 16, 30. Nov. 13 & 27. Dec: 11 & 18.

“Support groups for new parents provide emotional, practical and networking support to help them on their parenting journey. These groups can reduce stress and anxiety, combat postpartum depression, and boost confidence & self-efficacy. 

Sophia Juarez, founder of Alchemystic Wellness San Diego CA

About Your Facilitator

Greetings! I am Sophia Juarez, your dedicated facilitator for MotherCircle. As a mother of two, a seasoned massage therapist, and a postpartum practitioner, my journey has been intertwined with the sacred essence of motherhood. I am thrilled to share that I completed the MotherCircle facilitator training with the first cohort, infusing me with insights and techniques to guide you through this immersive 8 week journey.
My heart resonates with the profound power of motherhood, and I am deeply passionate about supporting fellow mothers on their paths. Together, we’ll explore the unique wisdom within you while delving into the universal threads that connect us all. Join me as we embark on this journey of growth, self-discovery, and shared understanding within the nurturing embrace of MotherCircle.
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