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Sophia Juarez, founder of Alchemystic Wellness, is a woman, a daughter, a devoted partner, and a mother. She is also a specialist in pregnancy, postpartum and c-section massage, and a certified Innate Postpartum Care Provider. Her expertise, combined with her deep understanding of the nuances of motherhood, empowers her to provide unparalleled support to mothers during their transformative journey.
Grounded in her own transformative experience of motherhood, Sophia intimately understands the physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations a woman undergoes. Her fervent advocacy for holistic, conscious, and nurturing support is deeply rooted in empathy and lived experiences. She has dedicated her life to creating a world where every mother feels seen, supported, and loved.
In recognition of the crucial role that the broader family unit plays in a mother’s postpartum journey, Sophia also extends her expertise to support the whole family. She firmly believes that a well-supported mother is the foundation of a healthy, loving family. Through her guidance and services, she aims to foster a supportive environment that promotes the well-being of mothers, thereby enabling the entire family unit to thrive.


With Sophia’s deep understanding of the nuances of motherhood and a natural talent for healing and connection, she offers you an unparalleled depth of support. Sophia’s sincerity, truthfulness, and extensive knowledge make her a beacon for those in search of a nurturing guide through their postpartum journey. Having graduated in 2017 from Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine and being certified in Innate Postpartum Care, Sophia is well-versed in the therapeutic effects of massage therapy and the profound benefits it brings to the body and spirit.
Her journey as a Certified Massage Therapist began with a focus on providing well-rounded support for all stages of the childbearing cycle. After attending Jamie Mossay’s Mamatoto (mother-child) Workshop, Sophia was able to refine her skills and focus more intensively on pregnancy and postpartum massage. The experiences and insights gained from this workshop, coupled with her own journey of motherhood, serve as a solid foundation for her passion and dedication.

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